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Knowing & Understanding

Welcome to Courageous Spaces Consulting! At CSC, we provide support to businesses and organizations who are hoping to advance their understanding of what is required to create communities that welcome, embrace, and support everyone, no matter their life experiences , and identities. We work with leaders who are wanting to build client retention and reduce tension, and enhance positive connections, among staff and/or clients. These leaders want to make changes in their business to provide a welcoming and supportive space for all. We support them and their teams in learning about identity, power and privilege, implicit bias, and the many factors that create an ‘othering” space. We help you evaluate your business to identify what is working and what could be changed, in a way that is unique for your own business.

Creating Spaces For You & Your Team

Through consultations, collaboration, workshops, leadership modules, and auditing, we allow spaces to understand and make the changes needed to create a sense of belonging for all.

This increases retention in not only clients, but in staff as well, and leads to greater revenue, fewer issues with human resources departments and a smoother functioning workplace overall. In these times, which call for personal responsibility, understanding, and a responsive and change-positive business structure to improve how we relate to our fellow humans, this work is especially important and helpful. It can also be incredibly overwhelming for leaders who are new to this, as people so often look to them to have the answers and solutions. This is where we come in!

What makes us stand out compared to similar companies (aside from our passion and personal commitment to doing this work ourselves) is our unique model, which allows us to gear our support directly to the needs of your specific workplace.

Rather than you and your team sitting through training and support that is vague and often unhelpful, we provide support that speaks directly to you and your needs.

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