Our Model

Fostering a Sense of Belonging Within the Workplace For All People

Our model (see diagram) provides educational support to organizational leaders and their staff teams. We consult with leaders and begin our work together with a foundational leadership module, geared towards your business. As our model suggests, we then adapt each workshop, consultation, and/or audit to fit the unique wishes and demands of each organization.

In meaningful organizational change, leaders champion and model the way. Before offering workshops to staff teams, the leadership module provides leaders with interactive self-guided learning that overviews key concepts and issues that limit a sense of belonging in communities. This also provides opportunities for reflection on organizational processes, practices, and policies affecting workplace culture.

We then meet with leaders to debrief their learning and discuss specific workshop needs moving forward. Following the staff training, consultation is once again provided where future goals related to professional development and organizational change can be discussed, and any questions or concerns can be addressed. Our goal is that our support is merely the beginning to workplace growth on these topics, and this consultation is an opportunity for us to help you identify and create a plan for how you want that to look like in your business.

Leadership Module

In this self-guided module, leaders reflect on themselves and how they lead and champion belonging in their organizations. Leaders complete a series of activities designed to deepen self-awareness around implicit bias, identity, power, and privilege, as well as how these concepts intersect and affect their own and others’ experiences, perceptions, relationships, and sense of belonging. Following successful completion of this module, leaders will be able to:

  • Identify the human nature of implicit bias;
  • Describe the important role identity plays in human experience and worldview;
  • Explain how power and privilege is determined in different environments;
  • Discuss their role as champions of belonging in their specific organization;
  • Assess the current state of their organization in facilitating belonging;
  • Suggest changes-to policy, procedure, operations, and customer/client interaction-based on a consideration of identity, power, and privilege-that could enhance organizational belonging.

The module is emailed to leaders and CSC is available to support throughout. CSC follows up with a one-hour consultation to discuss module learning and application, and discuss/share ideas for workshop development.


CSC works with organizations to determine the workshop that best fits your team’s needs. To start, we offer half- to full-day workshops. These workshops are designed by CSC with your input and tailored to your organization. During the pandemic, all workshops are being offered in the online environment via CSC’s Zoom account. However, despite being structured remotely, they are interactive, engaging, and focused on building a community space for dialogue and learning. We use breakout rooms to stimulate participation, protect privacy, and foster engagement.

Post-pandemic we will have the option of bringing these workshops to our clients, providing on-site learning which allows for even greater engagement, participation, collaboration, and team growth.


Debrief Consultation

Following your organization’s workshop(s) CSC once again meets with leaders for an hour to debrief (on Zoom or Google Meets during the pandemic).

Discussions centre on how the workshop was received by team members, any concerns or issues around the content or delivery, how ideas may be implemented in and across the organization, and identifying any ongoing or additional consultation, support, or training needs.

If leaders are interested in pursuing an organizational audit with CSC, additional information can be discussed at this time as well, and a future meeting booked to begin planning.



CSC also offers organizations an equity audit process (not reflected in our model above). The audit may be something an organization pursues post-leadership module or team workshop(s), or it may be a process that is requested outside of CSC’s formalized training. The equity audit involves an extensive review of your organization’s mission and vision, strategic planning, policies and procedures, processes, and programs to ensure your corporate culture, internal community, and engagement with the external community are all fostering and promoting belonging. Organizational audits are planned, organized, and facilitated through a collaborative process based on extensive consultation. We provide explanations for any proposed change, and all adjustments are a result of collaborating with us – you will always have the final say in this process.


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