About Us

Miranda Conley

Co-Founder & Educational Facilitator
C.Y.W., M.A., RP
CRPO Registration #007603

Hi there and welcome! My name is Miranda Conley, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist, working in private practice in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. As a member of the 2SLGBT+ community, and someone living with multiple chronic conditions (including chronic pain), I have geared my practice to holistically supporting members of both of these communities to relieve symptoms, overcome barriers, increase self-compassion, and live the life they choose. I also teach in the Social Service Worker program at Georgian College, where I support students in building empathy and understanding of the impact that life circumstances, power and privilege, and marginalization have on individuals and their people and community.

I bring a trauma-informed lens and a holistic perspective to my work, supporting clients and students to understand the interplay of physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors in overall health and wellness. Through my work and personal experiences I have developed a level of intuition which allows me to appreciate people and their struggles on a deep level, and enhances my attunement to their expressions, emotions and physical responses. This attunement facilitates clients’ own introspective growth and contributes to greater psychological, spiritual, emotional, and relational self-awareness.

With over 10 years working with school-aged children, I have experiences in roles as a facilitator and consultant to promote an environment of inclusion and belonging in childcare centres. I have also facilitated training, workshops, and groups on various topics, including: chronic illness and mental health; trauma and dissociation; authenticity and empowerment; enhancing empathy among professionals, behaviour management, and marginalized children/youth.

My work with Courageous Spaces combines my training and skills with my passion for social justice and creating spaces where all individuals feel they belong. I maintain currency in my field and recognize and reduce barriers to this sense of belonging both in my own work and personal life and within the spaces and agencies to which I belong.

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