Because our pricing varies depending on the size of your company, the work and investment of time you are looking for, and the type of support we are providing, we are unable to provide a price list here. However, feel free to book a consultation and we will come up with a pricing guide for your particular business before you commit to anything.

Workshops are offered throughout the year. We work with your organization to determine the best times to provide both consultations and workshops to your staff teams. Time of day is also negotiable. Connect with Courageous Spaces to begin a conversation about your organization’s needs.

Leaders model the way and are the largest influencers on organizational culture. By participating in the leadership module, and being actively involved in this work, you not only set the tone and send a clear message regarding the importance of this work, but you expand your influence and grow your own personal and professional capabilities as an informed and human-centered leader. CSC’s leadership module is foundational to the educational support we offer all organizations.

Because the work we do varies depending on the size of your company, the options you choose, the investment of time you are looking for, and the type of support we are providing, our return policy varies as well. You will be given information about the return policy that fits your specific needs at the time we share our business proposal. You will be fully informed before you consent to working with CSC.

Absolutely no prior knowledge is required, and your organization does not need a plan. In your free consultation we help guide and advise based on what you share about your company’s unique challenges and needs. Then, you decide if what we offer is a fit for you.

Yes! We offer certificates for each business who completes an audit and/or workshop with Courageous Spaces. Please reach out with any specific questions about your certificate.

This is emotional work, and naturally brings up resistance. We not only expect it but we welcome it and work with it – it is part of the learning process! We will also clarify with both you and your team that there is a difference between feeling resistance, and acting in ways that cause others to feel unsafe. We will work with you to identify solutions that will work for your specific needs. At the end of the day, your staff looks to you as their leader to set boundaries around what behaviours are acceptable, and which are harmful to others. We have experience and tools to support you in doing so – you are not alone in managing this.

We are happy to travel to you for our workshops and events. Within Barrie, Ontario, we will travel for no additional cost, and if we are travelling further we will add additional travel costs to your invoice. You will have estimated travel costs included in your business plan so that you are fully informed before you commit. We also offer online workshop training, through Zoom, which is an option for businesses who are farther away and do not have the budget to add travel costs to their investment. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently offering remote support only.

If you are new to this, we are so excited to support you in your journey! You are not expected to be an expert, and we will provide you with support and learning opportunities aside from and before your staff does their work – you will have a chance to ask any questions you wish, without any judgement. We will create a learning/growth program that is tailored not only to what you are wanting for your staff, but also where you are starting from. You are in a fantastic place to be starting this work exactly where you are.

Results from this type of work come from a multitude of factors – the information we provide, how it is received, and (most importantly) how it is implemented into your space. We are available to help support you with problem-solving, educational opportunities, and insight but we do not have control over the environment and application of our information. Because of this, we cannot guarantee results. However, we CAN guarantee our dedication and support through the process.

We will work with you to identify what support and information will be best suited for your business so that you are targeting the needed areas, and not spending money on training that won’t be helpful. You can expect us to ask questions that will help you identify what your business will most benefit from, and to help structure our time together in a way that works to support you. We work together as a team and while you will always have a choice in what support you get from us, we will offer suggestions and insight as we work together.

We are absolutely available for large corporate presentations. In order to do this in a way that meets your needs, we require more advance notice for this type of support, and require a minimum of three months notice to do so.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people? Because of the adaptability of our business model, we have the capacity to support businesses of all sizes. For large corporations, please see the question above. We have options to meet the needs of all businesses, from sole-proprietor to large corporations.

As small business owners ourselves we understand and value the benefit of having this type of training and support available to all businesses. We adjust our pricing according to the size of a business, and charge a fee per person for businesses with ten or fewer employees. We will work with you to ensure you have quality support at a rate that is affordable. If you’re a small business, we also offer the option to connect with a similar business in your field and split the cost of training.

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